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Image: pekutherm specializes in the recycling of thermoplastics Image: Plastic waste from production waste - recycled pekutherm Image: Plate remains plastic recycling pekutherm Image: Loading the lorry pekutherm Image: oil lbinder FLUISORB® from pekutherm
TÜV-Süd renews waste management certification for 2017 EcoVadis CSR Certificate Silver Level
Managing Director Heiko Pfister

pekutherm gives you a warm welcome! 

We specialize in the management and recycling of post-industrial acrylic and poly­carbonate plastic rests, and recycle about 5,000 metric tons of recyclable plastics per year. pekutherm offers a complete waste management concept for all of your semi-finished plastic waste resulting from production, including post-industrial CD and DVD scrap, or toll grinds your plastic rests. We are manufacturer of crystal clear PMMA and PC recy­clates, the popular purogran® cylinder purging compounds, and newly developed oil binder FLUISORB®.
Due to 30 years of experience on the plastic recycling market and a established quality management, we guarantee 100% cus­tomer satisfaction and deliver high-quality products made in Germany.

Plate remains marginal sections of plastic recycling

For the ongoing purchase of both 

sheet rests and off cuts from acryl, polycarbonate and other thermo­plastics, we offer fair and competitive prices. We provide collection boxes for your plastic recycling materials, and reliably pick them up with our own truck. ... more

Regranulate of pekutherm

You will be convinced by the purity, 

cleanliness and sparkling brilliance of pekutherm's crystal-clear acrylic and polycarbonate recyclates. They help plastic producers cutting costs and are an ideal complement for the production of high-quality plastic products. ... more

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TÜV-Süd renews waste management certification for 2017


TÜV-Süd renews waste management certification for 2017

Technical inspection authority TÜV Süd renewed our waste management certificate for another year. Thus pekutherm stays certified waste management company complying with §§ 56 and 57 of Germany‘s recycling act (KrWG) also in 2017. The annual surveil ... more

pekutherm is TÜV SÜD certified waste management company pekutherm obtains silver sustainability certification also in 2016. pekutherm ist member of bvse

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